Yeah! X3 Ive been working on it on and off for a little while now, and then today I basically spent my whole day painting little pieces of project board and sticking them and the other pieces I already had done to the lantern, and I finally finished it! ^.^ 

Im reeeeally happy with how it came out, it looks really cool when its lit up, too! ewe I think Im gonna try and pull together some sort of simple Thresh cosplay (or at least simpler than what he actually looks like, aha) before next September, since I have a lot of the basics of what Id use anyway, and now I have the lantern finished, too! :o I might get to go to this secondhand clothing store tomorrow, so if I get to do that Im gonna see if I can find anything else I could use for a Thresh cosplay (or maybe Yuki from Wolf Children, or Green from Pokemon Adventures, or maybe Akise from Future Diary! xD). :3

I basically did nothing but work on the lantern today, so Im honestly not sure what else to write about, whoops. xD I really didnt do anything all that significant today except the stuff with the lantern, honestly! 

I think I might just go to bed for tonight too, because Im really tired, since I got distracted last night and ended up awake way later than I planned. ;u; 

Ill be on again tomorrow, though! Ill definitely try to get more written here then. :o If Im on my laptop Ill try to show you guys the lantern! owo Im really satisfied with how it came out~ ^.^

Good night, guys! :D